Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Breaking: Jerry Zandstra endorses Keith Butler for Senate

I got this in an email. I've been undecided and going back in forth since Jerry dropped out. Since he dropped out, Jerry returned to Acton Institue and has also formed a pro-life PAC. Pro-life Federation of Michigan. I hope Jerry stays active as our party needs a shot in the arm with more ideal candidates as our struggles nationally are mostly due to too many Republicans suffering from "beltwayitis", acting like leftist democrats with our spending, and forgetting where we came from.

Zandstra Endorses Butler

Former U.S. Senate candidate Jerry Zandstra announced his support for Keith Butler at a press conference held in Grand Rapids today. "The Detroit News said it best, Keith Butler is brimming with intelligence, character and compassion. He is a true conservative and pledges to help return the Republican Party to its principles. That is why I support him, we need a U.S. Senator with the character to stand up to the career politicians and special interest groups and do what is right for Michigan and the Country," said Jerry Zandstra.

Keith Butler and Michael Bouchard are in tight battle for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. Today's announcement could have a profound impact on the primary battle. Zandstra has a strong committed following of supporters who appreciate his message of economic and political reform.

Keith Butler said, "I want to thank Jerry for his support. I don't plan on going to Washington to pad my resume or for a paycheck, I want to go to D.C. to make a difference. We need to end the corrupt practice of special interest earmarks in our budget process and we need to end the cozy relationship between lobbyists and lawmakers. Your support Jerry is very gratifying and will greatly help us get our message out in this last week of the primary."

Recent polls by Strategic Vision show a very tight primary battle with as much as 20% of the primary voters undecided.

I'm still undecided in this race but this one certainly took me by surprise. All I can say so far is that I will be supporting Stabenow's opponent after the primary.


Curley Sue said...

Yea!!!!! I fully support Keith Butler. I think he will do the best job for us in D.C. and I thank Jerry Zandstra for spending his political capital in such an impressive way.

jusmyopin said...

Great pick Jerry! I too am supporting Keith Butler. He won't let us down. Good-bye Sab-u-now

Patrick Flynn said...

On to victory, Keith!

Communications guru said...

I'm supporting Butler too. It will just be a larger margin of victory of Sen. Stabenow.

Count Me Red said...

Kevins - if I could stomach the event, I would buy you lunch if you are right. Keith Butler will stomp stab-a-cow. I actually think he is the only one that can. Can't wait for November. You have so many candidates running with no plan. How on Earth do you expect to have victories? You think us dummies just blindly pull whatever lever you tell us to? Potty mouth Marcinkowski, Done Nothing Debbie, Killed the State Granholm. What are they going to say as a reason to vote for them?? We don't buy lies anymore. You'll see.

Communications guru said...

Take a deep breath, communist, and take your anger control medicine. Then try and come back to reality. Name calling.
Again, Kevins was kicked off this blog by dan.

Keith Richards said...

KevinS, you were not kicked off the blog. All you had to do was create an identity like everyone else. Such a big sacrifice - you can even create an identity without using your real name.

And look up the word "communist" and read the definition very carefully. Clearly you don't know what it means.

Keith Richards said...

I pretty much decided to switch my vote to Keith Butler within days of Zandstra withdrawing. I had my doubts about Butler early on because he did not talk much about his values and he had trouble gaining traction. But lately I've been very pleased with the way he has been asserting his conservative independent nature.

My only concern with Butler is that he could cause an abnormally high vote turnout in Detroit, and if those voters split their ticket and vote for Granholm after voting for Butler it could hurt DeVos.

Communications guru said...

I have to disagree with you Keith. I was one of the few people who attached a screen name, identified and took responsibility for what I wrote. Dan here decided to change that because someone anonymously wrote something about a friend of his he didn’t like and could not disprove. Almost everybody else was posting anonymously, with the exception of a few people like me, you and a few others, yet because of one anonymous poster he changes things. Prior to that, I was called a lot worse things by anonymous posters, but we didn’t see those deleted or the policy changed. Frankly, I have no problem being called names or I would not post here. Because once in a while, you can actually engage someone in a real debate, and I’m also not going to let dan get away with his misinformation and lies without it being challenged.
The way I look at it Kevins was kicked off, you can choose to disagree, but, again, that’s how I see it. This is not a free speech zone if you say things dan doesn’t like.
I know what the word communist means. What’s your point?

Chris Arndt said...

Ted Nugent endorses Bouchard. That's just gravy.

Keith Butler explicitly promotes and supports "affirmative action" in his television advertisements.

I doubt he's being literal when he uses that catchphrase; I believe he's invoking an idea of racial quotas. To heck with that. I'll go with the border security politic man. That's Bouchard.

Chris Arndt said...

If you fine folk would read my weblog, you would see analysis that Bouchard has the edge, moneywise and visibility-wise.

Meanwhile Butler's two best advertisements are a clever one with him walking down the street and an attack ad branding Bouchard as a "career politician". If that sort of attack ad actually worked then John Kerry would not have recieved such a high percentage of votes in 2004 and that carpetbagger would not have become a New York Junior Senator.

No one cares whether someone is a career politican, anymore. That in itself is sad.